Strix #1 was edited by Ian Harker and Andrew Lambeth. It was designed, laserprinted and handbound by b-e-n-d in their Leeds studio. 

Submissions for this issue were received through-out the month of May 2017. Apart from a few instances of space-shuffling, the poems and stories are printed in the order they were received. By way of introduction, the editors have each appended a poem of their own at the end.

The editors took the liberty of extracting lines from submissions we’d not found space for, and placed them where we’d planned to offer short bios. Which means all we can say about the writers represented here is that Cara Bradbury is a first-year creative writing student while Helen Mort, Ian Duhig and William Blake have their own wiki pages—reputation-wise, the rest of us fall somewhere inbetween. We thank all our contributors and apologise for not being able to pay them for their work. 

The types are historical facsimiles—of the 1499 type cut by Griffo for Aldus, for his Hypneroto-machia Poliphili, and a chancery italic of about thirty years later. Plus Futura and the titling face of Bembo. The stocks are guaranteed 100% audited recycled pulp.



Anna Sutcliffe, Ian Duhig, David Tait, Suzannah Evans, Helen Mort, Cara Bradbury, Carole Bromley, Charlotte Eichler, Tom Kelly, Wes Lee, Rosalind York, John Foggin, Martin Zarrop, Simon Currie, Max Dunbar, Sarah Armstrong, Tom Weir, Marija Smits, Rose Journeaux, Andy Fletcher, Pamela Scobie, Jane Wheeler, Mary Mccollum, Elvire Roberts, Mike Barlow, Mark Fiddes, Cheryl Pearson, Oliver Comins, Sandra Burnett, Winston Plowes, Mary Males, Fokkina Mcdonnell, Roz Goddard, Sarah Brooks, William Blake, Ian Harker, Andrew Lambeth


Soft cover, b/w throughout
210 × 148mm
Cover and inner pages made from recycled paper stock


Designed, laserprinted and handbound by b-e-n-d in their Leeds studio