A 60-page tall-format magazine containing 49 poems, 4 short fictions and 1 song lyric [tall format, 150 x 297 mm].

Submissions for this issue were received throughout the month of January 2018.

This issue begins and ends with mothers. Between them you’ll find a monkey, dragons, a ghost, owls and mice, geese, talking stones, an okapi, a cow, woodland raptors, snails, weird shrimps, a mynah bird, an ostrich egg, trees, saplings, humans—the whole mothered world…

The three 'owls' in issue #3 are a vorticist predatory owl (with city-crunching talons), the owl currently graffitied across walls in Berlin, and a soldier in a First World War gas mask. The fonts used are historical facsimiles of Italian Renaissance types. The song lyric is by Stina Omar of the Berlin-based band Easter. 




Sarah Brooks, Jane Burn, Duncan Chambers, Carole Coates, Mark Connors, Hannah Copley, Sarah Corbett, Glyn Edwards, Mike Farren, Alicia Fernandez, William Gilson, John Hepworth, Jenny Hill, Lizzie Hudson, Jane Kite, Tom Kelly, Steve Kendall, Simon Lacey, Gill Lambert, Al McClimens, Fokkina McDonnell, Michelle O’Connell, Stine Omar, Cheryl Pearson, Suzanne Pemberton, Rhys Ramsay, Pam Scobie, Penny Sharman, Jayne Shipley, Matthew Stewart, Emma Storr, Anna Sutcliffe, Steve Toase, Gary Twynam, Julia Webb, Tom Weir, Joe Williams


Soft slipcover, b/w throughout.
60pp, 297 × 150 mm
Made from carbon-audited 100% recycled pulp papers and card.


Designed, laserprinted and hand bound by b-e-n-d in their Leeds studio.