A 60-page tall-format magazine containing 45 poems, 5 short fictions, 18 extracts [tall format, 150 x 297 mm].

Submissions for this issue were received throughout the month of September 2017.

Sarah Corbett and Carol Rumens are contributors in this issue with their own wiki pages.

The fonts used are historical facsimiles of Italian Renaissance types.

The three 'owls' in issue #2 are a pair of panorama binoculars (with rock formation wings), a curious Victorian girl with opera glasses, and a hooded cemetery angel. 



Bruce Barnes, Jared Booth, Sarah Brooks, Sarah Corbett, Seth Crook, John Foggin, James Giddings, F R Kesby, Paul Hardwick, Rose Journeaux, Jenny Hill, Matt Kirkham, Rachel Bower, S J Bradley, Edward Lee, Al Mcclimens, Ian Patterson, Stuart Pickford, Winston Plowes, Andrew Pycroft, Hilary Robinson, Moira Garland, Hannah Roche, Maria Isakova Bennett, Jane Routh, Carol Rumens, Dan Ryder, Jayne Shipley, Daniel Skentelbery, Rosie Adams, Emma Storr, Anna Sutcliffe, Pam Thompson, Heidi Williamson, Louise Warren, Peter R White, Martin Zarrop, Indran Amirthanayagam, Boltini


Soft slipcover, b/w throughout.
60pp, 297 × 150 mm
Made from carbon-audited 100% recycled pulp papers and card.


Designed, laserprinted and hand bound by b-e-n-d in their Leeds studio.